Spring Fishing is Here

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Fort Lauderdales Most Productive time of year to fish. Catching Sailfish, Swordfish, Kingfish, Grouper, Cobia, Amberjacks, Wahoos and Sharks. The Sailfish are still around in numbers from the winter push. Also starting to see Mahi Mahi showingup for the approaching summer. Hooking up with a Sailfish is a common thing in March  and April. Kitefishing remains productive on the windy days, and slow trolling live Ballyhoo on the calm days.

In the beginning of March we were fighting a bull shark that was acting abnormal. When we noticed a large dark figure chasing and bumping the shark. We had no idea what kind of fish would chase a 7ft bullshark. As The both fish surfaced we noticed its a 400lb Goliath Grouper! This Grouper was attempting to eat the shark, something I have never seen before. Without hesitation first mate Mike  had already deployed a bait for the monster. Within 20 Seconds, the Grouper is on our bait and we are Hooked Up. We fight both fish for an additional 20 mins, bringing both fish boatside simultaneously.



In Spring, getting a cold front is very common. When we get these late cold fronts the Sailfish tend to bite very well. On some occasions getting hooked up on multiple Sailfish, Here are a few pictures from a trip in Late April with the girls. Both of these fish were caught on spinning rods with 20lb line, quite the battle for light tackle, way to go Girls!


Another Rare occasion in April Crew Mike and Mike were both fishing in different locations and each caught big Wahoos within the same hour of Eachother. One fish was in Key West, the other in Fort Lauderdale. When the wahoo bite is on, the wahoo bite is on , I love Spring Fishing!


That’s a Good Hit if you ask me !

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