The King Mackerel Bite!!!

On the Tuesday we had Jeff and his 3 close friends from central Florida. Jeff and his 3 buddy’s are truck drivers that are normally always on the road. The group said they hadn’t done anything fun together in a couple of years now; so the group was counting on Good Hit Sportfishing to catch a few fish. The seas where flat on Tuesday around 2 feet or less, which are enjoyable conditions for fishing. Within the first 25 minutes we were hooked up with a big king mackerel, a good sign of great fishing to come. We were fishing bonita strips on the planner boards again and the bite was on. After catching around 10 kings we hook into something bigger, the group always wanted a billfish, so we were praying for a marlin or sailfish. 

As the crew try’s to figure out what we just hooked, so is the mate. We argued for a minute, thinking we hooked a big Wahoo! After brining the fish boat side, it turns up to be a foul hooked Sailfish!!!

Anytime we can make someone’s dream come true aboard the Good Hit, it’s a win in my book. This is why we do what we do! After a few pictures, and a clean release, we drop the baits back into the water. Again it was one of the flattest days of the year, which is perfect condition for an enjoyable trip. We see a small boat moving around close to the inlet, it was a small dingy in the ocean hooked up to a fish ! The captain on the dingy was hooked up to something large and was getting dragged in the small boat. Something I have never seen before. 

Later coming into the inlet around 2pm, with happy truckers and boat full of fish. We headed to the dock to clean the boat and the catch. Another successful trip aboard the Good Hit.