September 2017

       September is one of our slower month of the year, everyone is finishing up the summer and the kids go back to school. Yet the fishing is usually amazing in September. We commonly deep drop, run and gun for Mahi, Swordfish, and bottom fish. We had a few spectacular fishing trips in this month. We had a close visit from Irma and got lucky once again, we did not get a direct hit.

Our first trip in September after the hurricane, we headed offshore looking for debris, weed lines and birds. Of course we found tons of debris- we found  a refrigerator, flight of stairs, hundreds of crab trap floats and a roof. We found over 5 big schools of Mahi Mahi and limited out before 10:30 am. We used live bait and spinning rods for this entire haul, you have to love light tackle fishing.

On on the next trip we decided to go deep dropping for Barrel Fish, Swordfish and Grouper. Fishing on an all day charter, we left  the dock around 8:00am. We were using circle hooks with whole squid in search of big deep drop fish. We started fishing around 9:00am, we don’t get our first bite until 9:55am. Hooking a double header barrel fish on the bottom rig. I think we were on to something, we found the spot that the fish were feeding. we made 6 drops and caught our fill of barrels and one Grouper.

On the way in we found a large school of Skip Jack Tuna, luckily we had a well full of live Mullet. We live chummed until we saw a few boils, then Bam 💥 we were hooked up.

Our anglers caught over a dozen Skippys and they were totally beat. This was a day for the books. We surely had a dock full of fish.

Fall is a great time of year for Deep Drop fishing, 6-8 hour trips are the best time span for this style of fishing. If you have any questions email me or call.

Mike 954-629-7336