Today we took Ian, Alex and Michael, a few Fort Lauderdale locals, fishing. They didn’t have any particular fish in mind, just wanted to catch a lot. We had a 6 hour trip, which gave us time for a couple different styles of fishing. Asking about eating fish on the way out, I figured we should troll for a few hours. Starting off slow, we got our first bite on the lead line with a bonita strip. It’s a king mackerel, and turns out our charter owns a smoker; smoked King fish it is. On the next pass we hook 2 fish at once, so I let Michael get one and Alex get the other. Alex and Michael then debated on whose was bigger. 

Did I mention that Michael and Alex are huge Seminoles Fans, Go Noles!!

After catching our limit of kings, with plenty of time left we decided to focus on something else. On the way out we used a cast net to catch  a few silver mullet, which are great baits for the kite. 

        We decided to pop the kites and try for a sailfish or a shark! After an hour and a half with no bites, Michael sees a large critter on the big kite bait.  I immediately turn around to  identify the fish. The fish is a scalloped hammerhead shark, and it is trying to eat my bonita! After 2 attempts on the large bait, and the large rod, we missed the shark and began feeling frustrated. Ten minutes go by with no bites and long faces; talking about how great it would of been to catch the cool looking shark. My long kite bait begins to walk off, now my long kite bait is a TLD 30 with 25 lb line. (Relatively light tackle)

    While I am trying to figure out what is on my line, I see the dorsal fin of the same shark. Now I have this 6 1/2 ft shark on a light line without a shot of catching it!

     After a 35 minute battle, we bring the hammerhead close to the boat. We pulled the shark in the boat for measurements and pictures, with a quick release. Being thankful for the last minute bite, we once again aim the Good Hit for the barn.

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