Today we had Terrance and his 3 sons from Colorado aboard the Good Hit. We headed out with breezy conditions, leaving from Bahia Mar around 8 am. Terrance and his boys wanted action, and we’re looking for a couple filets for dinner. We knew that Terrance and the boys did not like the idea of trolling, so we headed offshore in search of Dolphin(Mahi Mahi). After exiting the inlet, we noticed a large frigate bird diving in 45′ of water just to the south. Driving closer to the area, we notice several diving birds. 

  Noticing the depth, I imagined that the depth was too shallow for any large pelagic fish to be around. As I approached  the bird pile, I readied my mate with a live bait and a spinning rod. The second we started casting our live bait at the bird pile, we began to see several green heads approach the surface.  It was a giant school of Dolphin!! But only in 45′ of water !! We then hooked our first Mahi Mahi of the morning.  Hooking the fish on a 9500 Penn spinner with plenty of line, a perfect step up  for Mahis.


      We fished the bird pile for the next hour and a half. Only hooking fish on the live baits, which were casted only on spinner Rods. After the 5th Mahi Mahi, our customers had their fill and wanted to head towards the dock. Tons of filets of fresh Mahi Mahi for the entire family and friends .

“These guys worked their butts off to make sure we caught fish. We cleaned up and caught fish all day.”

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