Today we had Chad and his young son from Atlanta, Georgia aboard the Goodhit. Chad had booked an All Day Charter, which gave us plenty of time to get some fish in the boat. As we left Port Everglades, We suggested to fish the reef for the morning bite. So we started fishing in 105ft of water with planner boards and bointa strips with sea witches. We had the line wet for only 3 minutes before our first hookup! This was also Chads sons first fishing trip, and after today I am sure it will not be his last. We quickly caught our fill of King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel,  we decided to head offshore for Bigger Game.

              The seas were flat and the conditions were right, we then decided to head offshore and try deep dropping. Using an electric reel with a manual assist, we started to fish in a 1000′ of water. Making our first drop 12 miles from shore, we hooked up on something immediately on the bottom. We were using squid and Bonita chunks and what is called a chicken rig, a multi hook rig with circle hooks. After a 15 minute fight we brought up our first Barrel Fish. 
        The Barrel fish are More or less a Deepwater Snapper with Huge Eyes. One of the best eating fishing in the water, tastes like a poor Mans Lobster. We Made only 2 drops and caught 4 fish, with the seas quickly rising we pulled in the lines  and headed towards the inlet. We had a 36minute run back to calmer water. We quickly got a few great photos in the calm water,then back to the dock.

Another great trip Aboard  The Good Hit.