November 25th 2016
Morning Charter 

On this day we had Veronica and her friends from Oregon, a couple of the group were also Fort Lauderdale Locals. Veronica and her group were interested in targeting Sailfish on this day. We just happened to have the corrrect bait for this style of fishing. When fishing for Sailfish we typically fly kites, especially in November. So we headed out at 8:10am Friday morning, deploying the kites around 8:45 in search of Sailfish. We fished the entire morning without a single bite, we even had our favorite baitfish, Threadfin Herring. Working 100-175 ft of water, in searching high and low for the Billfish. Not being too surprised due to the conditions, South wind and little to no current. Certainly not ideal Sailfish conditions, but we held in there and gave it a 100% effort. Quickly running out of time, we prayed for some sort for miracle to catch a fish. With minutes to spare, we hook a Mahi Mahi on the short kite bait. Game on, finally some sort of life. The Dolphin fish put on a show for our people, with a couple of good jumped before subduing the Green Hornet. Not the fish we were looking for, but that is fishing. 

Here is another photo of the fish before we turned her into dinner for 10. 

Friday Afternoon Trip

In the Afternoon we had Nathon from California, he also brought a few of his family members. This group was new to fishing and some of the passenger had never been in the Ocean before. These kinds of trips are my favorite, catching someone their first saltwater fish is a thrill, and also the reason that I do my job. Nathons group was in search of Tuna, it was the family’s dream to keep the catch and have it for dinner. So we started fishing in 100′ of water, just outside Port Everglades. We quickly caught 2 King Mackerels in the first 10 minutes of fishing, with the skunk off the boat we decided to acquire the target species. Hearing of a few offshore Skip Jack Tuna  in 600′ of water, we decided to make a move. Finally arriving on the grounds, and seeing a few flying fish jumping from nearby predators. With a little hope and a little bit of luck we trolled our pink squidly 150 yards back on a penn 30 international. Boom, fish on! We finally had a bite that we were looking for, a tuna. Nathon and his group were excited with the catch, and were excited for dinner. We made it into the dock before sunset, with the targeted species. Another Good Hit
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