November 23rd 2016
            On this day we had Bill and his friends who  are from Southern Pennsylvania. The Group had never fished in the ocean before. First timers are my favorite, catching someone their first saltwater fish is a thrill. We had steady action, with a red hot  King Mackerel Bite. Catching 6 Healthy Kings in 2 Hours of fishing, we kite fished for the other 2 hours in hopes for a Sailfish. We did not have any luck with the live baits, so we resorted towards the troll to collect our Bounty. All Bill wanted was a tuna, he would not stop talking about catching a tuna. When everyone was distracted, I put a small  Bait Rig on a spinning rod with multiple hooks. I then passed a buoy with the rig and hooked 5 small Bonitos at once. I told bill that not only he catch his tuna, but he caught 5 at once LOL. He did not think it was as funny as I did. Bonitos  are in the Tuna family and almost look like a Black Fin Tuna. 

Here is a Picture of Bill and his Friends and the Bounty