Novemeber 20th 2016 

   On this Day we had Matt (dad ) onboard for Noah ( his sons) 14th Birthday Party. We Had the Entire Family aboard in search of a Alantic Sailfish  with Perfect Conditions. We had been catching live bait on the previous day, and wanted to put them to good use. The bait that we had was Threadfin Herring my Personal favorite bait for Sailfish in the winter time in South Florida. We set out 6 live baits on two kites, and immediately hooked up on a double header sailfish.


                     Both fish were  jumping near each other putting on a show for the entire crew. After landing the two fish we quickly deployed the spread for another go around. Surely enough, 15 minutes into the wait we are attacked by Alantic Sailfish again and we are hooked on two big ones. This time we allow Noah’s Youngest brother to single handily reel in his first Sailfish. All the brothers and friends wanted to help but we did not allow it. He is only 5 years old and he landed the fish all by himself, dad was amazed on the what the little guy just did, What a Catch !

Here is a video from Noah’s 14th Birthday Party. 

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