Nov. 14th,2016                     

                                   Today we had Mr. and Mrs. Bristol aboard the Good Hit, it was actually there first time Deep Sea Sportfishing. Fishing was slow that day due to flat calm seas and absolutely zero current. The Bristols didn’t care what we caught, just wanted to catch something they added, so we began to troll for the King Mackerels and Spanish Mackerel for some table fare. Luckily with calm conditions, we quickly got a couple fish to stick on the hook.

                                         His and hers King Fish Right off the Bat, with the pressure off and happy customers, we all began to relax and enjoy the trip. Catching a few more Mackerel in the mix, and missing a few more as well. We heard humors of a small Cuban raft just offshore of us and just had to take a look. So we headed offshore to find the small boat in hopes to find Mahi Mahi and other fish hiding under the Debris. Litttle did we know, it was the most beautiful Caban Raft I have ever seen. 

We slowly trolled around the small raft in search of any fish underneath, with no luck at all. We still had another 30 minutes remaining in our trip, we already  had happy customers. The couple then agreed to head towards the dock early, with a box full of fish, and a happy Captain Due to Nice Weather. 

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Here is the Brisols Bounty, Another Great Trip Aboard the Good Hit out of Bahia Mar Marina

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