November 14th 2016 PM
                                       After getting in from my morning charter, I realized that the weather was Perfect for Night Time Swordfishing. So I made a call to my buddy Jake to see if he was able to go on a night time adventure. With motivated crew and flat calm conditions, we quickly pushed the throttles to full and approached the Swordfish Grounds. Putting the lines in the water around 5:00pm, with a FULL MOON I knew would have an opportunity to catch a Large Swordfish. Swordfishing is not only our side Job, it is Good Hit Sportfishings Passion, we have always been a fan of the Gladiator of the Sea. The fishing conditions started slow the night of the 14th, Only getting one bite before 12:00am. Hooking a fish that quickly jumped off the line after breaking the surface! Finally around 1:45am we were Hooked up on to what we thought was a decent Swordfish. We Fought the fish for 1 hour and 30 minutes, not seeing the actual fish, just seeing a shadow that was boat side, when then threw the Omega Harppon at the Large Dark Creature. 

              Finally Appearing the beast swam into the light where we finally got a good look at her! It was a 300 Pound Swordfish, a true Monster.  We then had a 20 minute battle along the side of the boat which felt like forever, finally subduing the Beast and Bringing her over the Rail. The Fish was beautiful, large travel lines with shades of purple and silver. 

Later Getting Back to the Dock Learning that the Swordfish was a true Pumkin, the meat on the fish was orange! The best eating swordfish have bright orange meat! 

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Winter Time is the Best Time for Swordfishing Day or Night, that’s when we catch the Bigest Fish. 

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