Demanding Swordfish Customers Get What They’re After

Let’s start with the sword fishing, we had a great group of guys on board who wanted to catch a swordfish.

These guys have been all around the world and have caught everything in the ocean, the only fish left on the bucket list was a daytime swordfish.

No pressure right? Well after 2 days with no bites we nailed a 157lb swordfish in the last inning, with a happy customer we made it back to the dock with big smiles.

The swordfish ate a bonito strip in 1700ft of water, he ate the bait as we were touching bottom for the 10th time of the day.

Live Bait Grabs a Mutton Snapper

Secondly the Blackfin tunas and mutton snappers have been on fire, from 120′- 180′ of water.

Catching the mutton snapper on live bait on the bottom, (which we provide) and the Blackfin Tunas on the kite, also with live bait.

In the mix as well we have been catching unexpected sailfish recently, it’s pretty late in the season to be catching sailfish, but we have been catching them consistently every week.

I hope all this info helps everyone, Tight Lines!

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