May 5th 2017


Today we had CJ and his best friends from New York. On this day we had a 6 hour trip, with plenty of time to get it done. We had the trip scheduled from 7:00am-1:00pm and CJ showed up early, so we left the dock at 6:45 am. We left from Bahia Mar directly on Fort Lauderdale Beach in sunny South Florida.  Having an early start, we planned big for an early morning Tuna Bite. Recently the spring Blackfin Tuna bite has been on fire and the early bird usually gets the worm. We gunned the boat to 200′ of water with blue water and lots of wind, prefect conditions for kite fishing. We launched our 2 kites with 3 baits on each kite, getting ready for anything. Almost instantaneously as we set our 6th bait into place we were Hooked Up!

We then landed a great video of the out of the blue hook up-

Check it out by clicking below.



It was a Monster Blackfin Tuna, actually the biggest of the year.


Here is a picture of the Beast!


We then knew that the bite was on and quickly adjusted our kite spread. Throwing a few high fives, we scanned the baits for another Strike. Just like clockwork, we received our second strike. I almost could bet you know exactly what hit our bait. After a quick fight CJ’s best buddy nails his own Blackfin Tuna, sushi for everyone.



Now we had two large tunas in the box, with plenty of time remaining for a few more bites. We ended our drift in 100′ of water, reeling in the kite spread and repositioning the boat, back to 200′ of water. We had lots of cloud cover on this morning, which makes our leader material less visible. These conditions usually produce more bites for King Mackerel and Blackfin Tuna.

We set the 6 lines for the second drift, yet again in 200′ of water with nice blue water. On this drift we hooked up to a double header. These two fish decided they wanted to stay together, we had both fish constantly crossing the other.  After a few minutes of cockpit chaos we boated the first fish. Another Blackfin, around the same size as the others. The second fish seemed to fight  differently, so we took our time with him. Getting a clear shot, and realizing it was a King Mackerel. Grabbing the gaff and reaching down deep, we came up with a 18lb King Mackerel.

Here is the pictures of the bounty at Bahia Mar.






Blackfin Tuna can make some of the best Poke . Which is raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course. One of my favorite dishes, if you have never had it, look up the receipt.

I hope everyone enjoys my post.

Captain Mike



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