May 27th 2017


Today we had Maggie and her 2 friends from D.C., this group had dreams of catching Mahi Mahi. We do not normally head offshore on a 4 hour fishing charter due to the amount of time we were limited too. With the flat calm conditions and the slicked out ocean we decide to make a run for it. Leaving the dock around 8:00am we tell maggie that Mahi Mahi fishing can be hit or miss on our 4 hour trip. The group understands the possibilities, we either find them or we do not. Leaving Port Everglades we tell the group to keep and eye out for birds, debris, and Weedlines.  The more eyes on the look out, the better of the odds we find something to fish to.


Running the boat 3 miles offshore, we yet to find anything that would be worth fishing. Then around 9:30 am and 9 miles offshore, Captain Mike sees a tightly packed flock of  Birds working something on the surface. We had a few leftover live baits from the recent trips before and approach the flock with spinning rods in hand. We noticed the birds were on a tightly packed school of Mahi Mahi, pushing bait towards the surface. On our First Pass, we hooked up Maggie and her friend on their first Dolphin Fish. We only had a 2 dozen baits and saw 25 fish in the  Mahi Mahi School.

On the Seconds Pass we brought School of Mahis around the boat, left the smallest of the group on the line and began to bail the schoolies into the boat. Maggie and her friends always dreamed of having fresh Mahi Mahi and finally get an opportunity  to enjoy it. After 35 minutes of working the school, we were out of liven bait  and had an hour long run Back to the dock. We didn’t find the School until we were 9 miles offshore Port Everglades. Before the departure we lined the Beautiful on the Deck of the boat for a few photos.




While organizing and cleaning the boat we put a few trolling rods out on the way to the Port. 10 mins passed we hooked 3 out the 4 Mahis on trolling gear which was the icing on the top. We then reeled in and made our arrival in to Port Everglades. Hitting the Dock around 12:00pm, we snapped a few more photos of the catch before cleaning the fish for dinner.





Making dreams come true aboard the Good Hit.’


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