May 17th 2017


Today we had John and his 4 buddy’s from Philly. With the recent  conditions we decided to hit the local Shipwreck for some bottom action. We had live Herring from the bait fishing mission the day before, so wreck fishing it is. We Leave Bahia Mar around 8:15 am, a few minutes late but not to worry, we will make up the lost time with the fast boat. John was interested in catching a few fish for the dinner plate, having a local residence in South Florida, he wanted to grill up some fish. Trying a different wreck on this date, we anchor the boat in 145ft of water. Our set up for today was 2 bent butt 50 wides with braided line. Fishing 60lb leaders that were longer than the boat. The bait of choice was live Threadfin Herring on the bottom. We also had one Extra light fishing kite with 2 Herring on the surface. Fishing for 4 hours on this trip, we set our deep lines immediately after deploying the anchor.

I want to thank Simrad Electronics For Leading us to the Fish !!


Within 15 minutes of setting our first deep line, we were Hooked Up!! The rod dipped low with lots of resistance, we knew we had a good bottom fish on the line! We were hopping for mutton snapper, but you never know what you might  catch bottom fishing. The first Fish was a 5 Pound Mutton snapper, we knew were on a good spot. Then we see a large explosion on the surface on our long Kite Bait. We had a 20 LB King Mackerel  on the line, pulling the 20 LB class line with ease. After a short battle we quickly get the leader and Gaffing  the King into the boat. Before we could celebrate the Large King Mackerel coming over the rail our other bottom rod went, Tap Tap”. We Were On Again! We were on the fish!!


This went on for 3 hours until we had our fill and the trip was coming to an End. We planned up the anchor and landed a few high fives. John and his crew were ecstatic   as we pulled the throttles down and approach the Dock. We ended the trip with 5 King Mackerels and 5 Mutton Snappers, a win in my book.


Another Crush on the Good Hit with Captain Mike and Mate Mike!!’

Here is John with his Bounty!!


I hope you guys enjoyed my Post.



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