May 12th 2017


Today we had Mindy and Westley, the Mother son combo who absolutely love fishing. This group is from Tampa and had fished on one other charter boat and lost the fish of their dreams. Westely had big plans  of catching a shark and mom just wanted to enjoy the day with her Boy. We already had the roll going with the wreck fishing, so wreck fishing it was. Looking for larger game, we fished two shark baits on the bottom. Not looking for lesser game only looking for the one monster. Our bait of choice was fresh King Mackerel laying on the bottom with large tackle. We used 80 wide internationals with 100lb monofilament.


With the pressure on, westely really wanted a big Shark. I told him it was most likely out of the question, and that we would give it our best effort. Fishing for 2 hours with out a bite, hoping for a monster. At 10am we received our first big bite, but unfortunately the beast got away. With heads down and moral low, we did not give up. First mate mike said, ” at least we know they are here.” Which he had a valid point. Not giving up we deployed a second fresh bait on the right side. Within 15mins of the second bait we finally hooked up!!


Here is a video of  Mindy Fighting this monster, with first mate mike helping out.



After the fight we snapped a few photos and released the beast. Westley still didn’t get his opportunity to catch his dream fish. He was on the bow of the boat making lunch when his mother grabbed the rod before he could get to it.


We waited until the end and got another opportunity . This time the fish was much bigger than the original fish. It was a 82″ bull-shark, Westely was beyond ecstatic and said was the fishing trip of his life time. Congrats to westley and his Mother Mindy on their two Big catches.



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Making dreams come true aboard the Good Hit.