May 10th 2017- May Meat Haul


Today we had AJ, his girlfriend and friends. This group was interested in catching edible fish for their BBQ on the following day. AJ has caught game fish in the past and was looking for quantity over quality. On this trip he got a little bit of both. AJ booked a “Sweet Spot” 6 hour fishing Charter. Which gave us plenty of time to find the mass body of fish. We specialize in finding the fish on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter the size of the boat, but  actually who is driving it!! In May, the wreck fishing begins to heat up. This will be our first wreck trip of the season, so we are excited to see what it bring us. Anchoring the boat in 150′ feet of water we fish, two bottom rods and 4 surface rods. Live Live Pilchards  on the bottom and Live Pilchards    on the surface. This is a receipt for action in the late spring. On this trip, our gamble quickly turned into success. We caught Lesser AmberjackGreater AmberjackMutton Snapper , Bonito and King Mackerel.


Our Wreck trip turned into 6 hours of chaos, catching fish the entire trip. We didn’t even get a chance for pictures. The king mackerel all ate on the surface on the kites baits and flat lines. All other species at the bottom rods with live bait. Aj and guests were completely wore out, and had more than enough fish for the BBQ.  This trip lets us know we are going to have a great summer. Congrats to AJ and friends, another successful trip aboard the Good Hit.

Here is a picture of our monster Catch.




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