March 1st 2017


Today we took Joe from Maryland fishing, Joe is one of our repeat customers who wanted more action from the previous week before. Joe wanted to see how we on the Good Hit kite fish, so Captain Mike and Joe aimed for the best possible day to make it happen. For kitefishing, we prefer wind and North Current. On days without wind, it is pretty difficult to put the kites in the air. On the first trip, Joe did some trolling with another group, and Hooked Up on  a 15lb King Mackerel .

We left the inlet around 8:00 am with a steady East Northeast wind. Which is ideal for kitefishing, we brought 2 dozen Threadfin Herring for that morning. Which is Captain Mikes favorite baitfish, and is extremely effective in the winter time in South Florida. Joe was the only client on the boat that day, he was in for a treat. We set the kites up directly of the Marriott Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, in 150′ of Water. On this day the current was moving very quickly towards the North. Knowing we would be moving quickly, we started right out front. Not 15 minutes into fishing we hooked our first Mahi Mahi.



Joe was ecstatic, we then quickly straighten out the boat and readjust our kites with more live baitfish. We noticed a few schools of Flying Fish, which were taking flight all around the boat. Seconds later, one flys directly into the boat, so I quickly put  the Flying Fish in the Livewell.

I then looked at Joe and looked back at me, at the same time we both had the idea to deploy the flying fish on the kite. I Scooped out the live flier and put him on the left long kite bait. Seeing bait everywhere and judging the conditions, I knew it would not take long to get a bite! Then Out of the Blue we were Hooked Up on the left long, seeing two decent sized explosions. After a 10 minute fight we boated a 15lb Blackfin Tuna, and caught it on a flying fish, cool deal!

Joe was spent after that, so we fished for another 25 minutes catching one more Mahi Mahi and a Silky Shark.

We then realized we were all the way to Light House Point, with a extensive  run home. This is where having a fast boat comes into play. Any other boat would be an hour long run home, so we pushed it to the dash and made it home in a hurry!

Another Fun Trip on the Good Hit


Come Fish with us again soon Joe!


Here is a combination picture of our trip

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