March 17th 2017


           Today we took Ray and his family from Ontario Cananda. Ray came to South Floridian to escape the  negative ten degree weather, and to catch a few fish. On this day we had lots of freshly caught Threadfin Hearring, and once again good fishing conditions. We left the inlet around 8:00 am, in search of action. To seprate us from the other boats, we ran 8 miles north of the pack to a small ship and and began to drift the boat.


                       We mimicked   the same Fishing Spread as yesterday, one kite and  a few flat lines. Today Captain mike wore all green because it is St. Patrick’s Day , not to mention I am 80% Irish. First Getting the kite out with three live baits, after that getting 3 flat line spinning rods out. Out of the Blue, all three flat lines went off simultaneously. At first we thought they were all Sailfish, but later realized they were all Bonitos. Knowing their was more fish to be caught, I casted more flat lines and Hooked Up immediately. I knew that this day would be a Happy Day Today, fighting the second group of fish all the way towards the boat. The first fish was another large Bonito, but I noticed that the other fish was taking longer than the others and that Ray was beginning to struggle. When I looked over the side of the boat expecting to see another Bonito, and  all I saw was Black and Gold. It was a 30lb  Black Fin Tuna, one of the largest Tunas of the year.



                Celebrating the good catch with a few photos and putting the fish one Ice. We then talked about heading further offshore in search of a Shark. Our group dreamed of catching a Hammerhead or Bullshark. Seeing that we have been recently catching a few we gave it a try. Going to our regular 350′ of water, we put out one kite with a large shark bait. On the windward side of the boat we launched 3 flat lines with live bait. Catching one Mahi Mahi right of the bat, we noticed a dorsal fin approaching the Big Bait on the kite. Looks like ryan and his group might be able to get their wish. The fish piles onto the slab on the kite,  Tiburon     On! We then did battle for 35 minutes before the fish was boat side, I estimated the fish around 8′ Long. The fish was a Scalloped Hammerhead, and was about 225lbs.



              Just in times for lines out at 12:00pm l,with a long ride ahead of us. We then reel up and throttle down, making quick work of our 10 mile run home. The Good Hit is on a roll this week.


Here are few photos of our Morning with Ray



            Spring is off to a good start, March-June can be the best months to fish Fort Lauderdale. Not Knowing what your next fish will be in the spring. The Excitement level is usually pretty high.

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