March 16th 2017


             Today we had another repeat customer named Greg and his son from Georgia. Last time Greg and his son fished with us, he caught a 87″ Atlantic Sailfish and came back for a shark. On this day the Sailfish were biting very well, a few boats getting opportunities  early into the day. On this trip we passed the shallow water and headed straight for 350′ of Water, which is our spring time shark depth. We put out a large shark bait on the surface, one live bait, and one shark bait on the bottom. Hearing the other boats hooking up on Sailfish, we carefully watch our spread and got ready for a bite. I bet you can guess what we hooked after that, a dang Sailfish.


He found our only live bait, So were we hooked up and  I cleared the bottom rod, but left the Big top bait. Praying that a Shark would catch the attention of the jumping Sailfish, we watched the surface bait and played with the Sailfish. What would you know a 7′ Hammerhead popped up behind the boat to see what all the commotion was all about, and charged the Slab on the Surface. After a couple attempts the Shark was Hooked Up, now we have a 7′ Sailfish on the line and a 7′ Hammer Head on another. We were about to makes Gregs Sons dream come true, we played tug of war for about 30 minutes before both fish came to the boat at once. We cut the leader on the Sailfish, then quickly brought the shark along the Port side to Attempt to remove the big hooks. We then snapped a few photos and released the bucket list fish.


In the Afternoon we took Ian from Kansas, which is now another repeat customer who enjoys fishing. Ian wanted to target Sailfish, and Lucky for him today is one of the Best Sailfish days I have seen since last year. Leaving the dock with confidence, we headed for 150′ off of  Fort Lauderdale Marriott Beach Resort.

Knowing the fishing is red hot, I give myself some space from the other fishing boats. On this afternoon, we have Northernly Current with a light North Wind, which we like to call  Tailing conditions. The Sailfish will use the groundswell to surf the waves towards the South, to cover ground effortlessly. On these days you can spot the Sailfish on the surface, and sometimes even cast baits towards them. So we pitched the spread in 15 minutes, but on this trip we only launched one kite and 2 flat line spinners.


A picture of mate Freddy looking for Trailers

Within 15 minutes the first spinner goes off and we were Hooked Up. We fought this Sailfish for almost an hour, later finding out the Sailfish was hooked the back. The fish dragged the boat to 750′ of water and was a fight to remember. We set up back in 150′ of water in search of more Sailfish. Within an instant we hooked another flatlined Sailfish, this went on for 5 hours. Hooking a Sailfish, fighting it for 30 minutes and then setting up again. We totaled 5 Sailfish in 5 hours, and hard to believe but every fish was on spinning gear. Our two anglers were completely smoked and were begging for Mercy. With an hour left in the trip, we called the trip early. Threw a few high fives and headed  the Good Hit back towards the dock.


Here is a picture of Ian with his Trophy catch.

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