June 9th 2017

Today we had Joe and friends  Aboard the Good Hit. Joe and his group are from New Jersey and this will be the crews first fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale. They asked for quantity over quality, just wanted some action. They opted out of trying to catch a big fish and then shortly after our discussions we left Bahia Mar. Heading out around 8:05am on this overcast day, we know that the trolling bite will be effective. Usually in the spring with an overcast day the trolling bite is better because the fishes visablity is not as well, which produces more bites. We also use a fluorocarbon leader which is almost transparent in the water.


We we made it 100 ft of  water just South of Port Everglades. Fishing 3 deep lines and no surface lines. A 4 and 6 planner boards and a cigar lead on the long. Fishing 3 deep lines can be risky, if you do not stager the lines correctly you might have an issue. Tangling braided line is time consuming and is not pretty. Having  full confidence, we fish the 3 deep line and  on our first pass we hook a triple header king mackerel. Also the 3 fish are all over 10lbs, not a bad way to start the trip. Right off the bat Joe and his group are thrilled and getting tired of cranking. Trolling for King Mackerel is not the sportiest way of fishing, but here on the Good Hit we go for the highest success rate. If someone is totally against it we will go for different methods, we just enjoy catching fish! After the big triple header we marked a large school of fish on the Simrad sonar machine, and honed in on the fish. We had a group of 5 people  and only needed 10 fish for our limit. Catching one after another until we had reached our limit at 10:30 am. After reaching our full, joe said, ” what the heck lets try for a shark.” So we reeeled in the trolling gear and put the heavy tackle in the water. Fishing in a 150′ of water with 2 bonitos on the bottom with shark rigs. Unfortunately we couldn’t get away from the   Triggerfish, which can act like  piranhas once they find a bait.

Every bait was destroyed by these fish, even when we repositioned the boat, it felt like they were following the Good Hit. Worth a shot in my book, we will get a shark next time Joe.

Here is a picture of the bounty


On this day we were also lucky enough to get Gustavo to complete our well over due cushions. They are a huge necessity for comfort on the high seas.


Thank you Gustavo    !!!


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