June 8th 2017


Today we took Robert and his Son fishing, this group was from Missouri. Robert was hoping for a few eating fish and dreamed of catching his son something big to remember For a lifetime. Getting both in 4 hours can be a stretch but we give it a shot. Leaving from I Dock at  Bahia Mar Marina on Fort Lauderdale Beach. The seas were relatively calm with the wind out of the Southeast around 8 mph. We decided to start off trolling planner boards to see what was biting near shore. We were using pink and green Sea Witches with Bonito Strips. Our planner boards of choice were, Number 6 and 8 planners due to the fish staying deeper with the warmer conditions.


Out of the gates we caught a 5 lb King Mackerel which ate the long Planner board with the pink Sea Witch. After we got the skunk off the boat we began to troll towards the North in 150′ of water. We were approaching a few large ships that were anchored off of Beach Place. Then Out of the Blue we were Hooked Up to something Big. The short planner rod began to sing, on the first run the fish took 75 yards of line, before the fish broke the surface. Not able to identify the Fish he jumped on the surface as we reeled him in. After a short 10 minute fight, we caught what was a 43″ Barracuda. Robert and his son we stoked on the catch, and had never seen a fish with monster teeth before. We quickly snapped a few photos before the release of the Tiger of the Sea.


We continued trolling, not hearing anything too exciting on the radio. We caught another king mackerel and a small Bonito and were quickly ruining out of time for the big fish. Talking to a close friend on the radio who was shark fishing, we made the call to try for a Game Shark. Our Friend was directly east of Port Everglades fishing right on top of the Whistle Buoy, which is in 115ft of water. We decided to run South of his location and try our own luck. We ran the vessel 2 miles south of Port Everglades and deployed two shark baits, one bait directly on the bottom and the other 20ft off the bottom. Knowing it was a long shot, we began conversation of past catches and talked about sports. We had little to no time remaining in the trip and we were beginning to get down to the wire. Feeling slight disappointment, the long ballon begins to go under the water. As I scrambled to identify the situation,  we drove the boat ahead at 12kts to set the hook in the fishes mouth. We were hooked up to a large shark, with minutes remaining  in the trip. We fought the beast on a 80 wide International Penn reel with the rod nearly touching the water. Roberts son was on the rod and was beginning to get exhausted, then the leader appears. What we had was a 6 1/2 ft Bull shark, by the time we got the fish is was exactly time to go.



We snapped a few pictures got a few measurements and released the bad boy unharmed. Robert and his son were in Awe, shaking from adrenaline, we headed back to the dock. Mission Complete, this is why I do what I do. I love this Job !!!

We hit the dock around 12:15pm, Rob gave me a hug and thanked me before he was on his way.

Another bucket list fish caught aboard the Good Hit!


A few words from Robert


“I booked a last minute AM trip with Capt. Mike. He hustled his butt off and we caught 6 fish in 4 hour trip (2 king mackerel, blackfin tuna, bonito, and a 6 1/2 foot bull shark!!). My 20 year old son had the time of his life (he pulled in the shark). Capt Mike was fun, friendly and did it all. Don’t book any where else.”

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