June 11th 2016


Today we had a group of 9 guys on a bachelor party fishing with us. This big group is from Illinois and was here in Fort Lauderdale letting loose before the big day. Starting the trip early at 7:00am still in the mood from the night before. On this group trip we called in a partner boat to accompany the second group, only able to take 6 as a maximum we split the group into 2 party’s. with the group  from Illinois surrounded by land, neither of the groups have had much saltwater fishing experience. So just about any fish would do the trick.  So we started out trolling for King Mackerel pushing the boat towards the  southern ship wrecks. We also planned  to try for some bigger fish after we caught dinner.

Having the other boat on the same page both boats caught  Kings to get the party started. Catching our fill on Mackerel  the Good Hit  sets up for bigger game. Fishing one large shark bait and one  Live Pilchard.

Fishing a wreck in 100′ of water our first bite was on the live bait, which turned out to be a 40″ Amber Jack. A good sign for the wreck knowing that the wreck was alive. Immediately sending a second pilchard as the shark bait soaked on the bottom. Boom, another hook up to another Amberjack . Everyone on the boat is getting on some action. We then radio the other boat to see what they are catching, they just release an amberjack as well. Sounds like everyone is getting a few fish. Having a long night before, now a few guests are not feeling so well. So the pressure is on to quickly catch a bigger game fish and head to the dock.

Saving the best for last, the bachelor has yet to reel in a fish. Just  before we got the call to head in early, the shark rod finally goes off . We were hooked on a monster with all hands on deck. Getting the tag stick ready and a few ropes secure the unit. He pops up to the surface, its a angry Sandbar Shark. He doesn’t want anything to do with the boat and continues to avoid the boat. After a 15 minute battle boat side,  I threw the rope like a cowboy and subdued the toothy critter. We quickly call the other boat to snap a few photos of the fish, got a measurement and tagged him for science.


After  the release the rest of the group begs to leave the fishing grounds and head to the dock. We pushed  the Good Hits throttles to the floor and get back to Bahia Mar a few minutes early. A few of the group even kissed the ground. I don’t recommend staying out late, if you have to fish the following morning. 😂😂

It was all in good fun and the boys had a blast. Here is a picture of the entire group and the bounty. Plenty of fish for the dinner table as well.



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