Ethan and Roxana’s Big Game Charter Trip

Today we had Ethan, Roxana, and their two kids,  aboard  the Good Hit.  Ethan’s group is from Missouri, he wanted to catch his son some sort of big game and a couple fish for the grill. So we headed out Monday  on a 1/2 day, 8:00am-12:00pm in search of eating fish and big game. We started off trolling due to the recent trolling bite, trying to catch king mackerels and BFTs  ( black fin tunas), almost imdiately we nailed a smaller bointa.

Once again using planner boards, strips,spoons and dinks. Today the spoon was not working as efficient as the strips were, so we eliminated  the spoons and fished strips on everything. Not shortly after we caught a nice King mackerel.

After trolling the area for 3 hours and catching our fill of King mackerel and bointas. Dad made the suggestions to give the , “Big Game” a shot.

So we slowely pulled in our trolling gear and tried for something a little big bigger. In June the sail fishing  can be tough, due to the warm weather conditions. So we went for the big fish that we could actually stand a chance at catching. Not long after we switched over to big game tackle, We heard a light tick of the reel. Sounded like the tick of the reel in jaws 1, when he receives the first bite from the beast.

After feeling the line in my hands, I knew what was on the other end, and quickly engaged the drag. Fish ON!!! We then battled the beast for about 30 mins before taking a few photos and measurements. Shortly  after releasing her back into the ocean; Once again another Successful Trip!!

“I would recommend Good Hit Sport Fishing over any of the charters. They are a reasonable price and the experience is great! The captain/crew was really nice and professional. We tried for different fish, and mainly caught king mackerel and Vinita! At the end we tried for sharks and was successful. Hands down best fishing charter in the Ft.Lauderdale area.”

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