July 2019 This Month’s post is dedicated to Mahi Mahi July has been a great month for catching Dolphin, we have snared Mahi on almost all of our offshore trips this month. We have been catching them from 650-1,000ft of water recently. The best way to target Mahi is “running and gunning” – that’s running the boat at high speeds and looking for something to fish to. Mahi can be found anywhere there is life offshore – usually under sargassum weed lines, floating boards, or any large object floating in the water that has bait on it.
Our favorite bait for Mahi has been live pilchards by the dozen. Using live bait is key for catching the Dolphin, and having lots of them is also important. Our set up of choice is a medium sized spinning rod for the best action and being able to cast to the fish is also key. The best find we had this July was a large pallet floating in 750ft of water  It was not only a nice piece of debris, but it had a large turtleswimming around  it that wouldn’t leave. The Mahi tend to swim with these turtles given the right conditions. This pallet just happened to have 100’s of gaffer sized Mahi underneath it, and they were biting as fast as the bait would hit the water. We caught our limit on that trip! August and September are also great months for the Mahi, and Dolphin fishing seems to only get better. I hope you guys enjoyed my post, Captain Mike. Mike@goodhitsportfishing.com Cell 954-629-7336 Follow us on Instagram @goodhit_sportfishing For live feed