July 2017

July has been A great month for the
Good Hit. I feel that spring came a few months early to South Florida, our best catches this year came in June and July. Shark fishing is in full swing in July, catching Bull sharks and Sandbar Sharks on the shallow wrecks.


Also catching Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks in 350-500 FT range. This time of year we enjoy fishing the shallow wrecks because you can catch different species at the same spot. Catching mutton snapper and groupers on the shallow wreck can provide great table fair. Mutton snapper makes great fish tacos, and you cant forget grilled grouper.

In July while shark fishing we caught a Large Goliath Grouper on a shark bait. This fish eventually dragged our rig into the wreck and we had to slowly drag him out of it. A catch that we were not expecting, normally we catch the Goliath groupers fishing inshore for tarpon and snook.


The king mackerel made a great run this Summer as well, catching king mackerel on call, every time we decide to troll. The average King Mackerel can be 5-15lbs with a larger King Fish reaching 40lbs or bigger. The most efficient way of catching these fish is trolling planner boards and or live pilchards on the kite. Our biggest King Mackerel of the year was caught on a planner board using Bonito strips.


This is the time of year we also catch Bonitos, they normally come down for the summer in large schools. The schools start to show up in Early June and extend to the end of August. Bonitos can put up a great fight and really fun to catch on light tackle. When we normally find a school, we hook multiple fish at once which can be quite a fiasco. These fish are also targeted by larger King Mackerels and Wahoo, so fishing the schools can bring other fish to the table. For constant action, trolling for Bonitos can sometimes be the best bet.


On a few of our specialty trips, we had a few clients who strictly wanted to target Mahi Mahi. Looking for mahi entails, finding a color change, debris, birds working bait, and sea grass. Knowing exactly what you are looking for is half the battle, usually when you find the bait, you find the fish. We normally travel offshore with live pilchards in case we find the schools of Dolphin. My favorite tool of the trade is using light tackle, catching Mahis on spinning tackle is very exciting. As sometimes when finding th school every rod on the boat can be hooked up. Having lots of live bait is a major Key.

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