January 26, 2107

On this day Good Hit Sportfishing went Day Time Sword-fishing – it is not only the favorite fishing trip of the Good Hit and our crew. It is our passion, the heart of our deep sea fishing business, and is part of our special history.

Before we began our chartered business with the Good Hit, we made our start Commercial Fishing for Swordfish. Every Swordfish trip brought us surprises, and we always saw something new when we fished the Sword Grounds that enriched our  fishing experiences as we learning something new.  On this special Thursday trip we had Brandon aboard – and three of his buddies all the way from Virginia.

We scheduled this Swordfish Charter early in the morning. We found  calm seas and cool weather conditions and at 7:00 a.m. we made a quick ride out of the inlet and pushed the throttles down as we made our approach to the the Sword Grounds. The Good Hit can reach speeds up to 40 kts and on this promising day we used fast feature to our advantage. We arrived on the grounds around 8:15 a.m. and began to making our first drop. We like to use a S-1200 Lindgren Pitman, as we found it the best reel on the market. I can promise you that 90% of the Charter Boats do not possess one of these gems that we have found so effective..

​​ ​

By 9:15 a.m. we received what we like to call a “Thunder Bite” – it is a Swordfish bite with so much pressure that the rod loads up immediately loads the rod up with pressure from a bite that eliminates the need for teasing the Swordfish to get him on the hook. This is one of the best scenarios for Day Time Sword-fishing. We fought a decent fight to get the fish to the surface. He stopped the S-1200 a couple times and hesitated on the wind on leader. Brandon’s group was on this trip for one thing only, their goal was to catch a Swordfish during the day, so the pressure was on! It could be especially felt when the fish came to the surface to put on a little fight, and the intensity grew. The impressive fish came up to the side of the boat with ease, as Andrew, AKA “Sheepdog”, planted the harpoon into the head of the Broadbill.  Then we moved quickly to bring the prize – the Swordfish catch the group had  been after – into the boat for some great pictures, and Mission Complete!

We made a quick deposit of the Swordfish into the fish box and began to regroup to make a second drop. We started to make a run to the South to reposition the boat to the spot where we had received our first strike. We fished our second drop for about two miles before we saw a tap on the rod – a signal we had received our second bite. This time the bite had pulled line after the strike, and it loaded the rod with more tension, leading me to believe that we had hooked an even bigger Swordfish. But then, after the fish had reached 1500 revolutions on the reel, it went slack, and the fish came unglued. This is a part of Day Time Sword-fishing Sport –  you will likely lose some fish and catch some fish –  in the game you playing with nature going after Swordfish during the day.
With a large cold front headed our way, I made the decision to head West back towards the dock. It was a good move in calling the trip early – by the time we approached the shoreline the weather conditions had deteriorated and the wind had really picked up – not a pretty picture when you are on the Sword Grounds.

Here is a Few More Pictures of the Catch!!

Another Mission Completed Aboard the Good Hit.
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