January 2019

Sail-fishing continues to be productive, through the entire month of January. Seeing multiple fish daily when we have good current. Doing the normal, Kite Fishing when we have wind and trolling live Ballyhoowhen the seas are calm.

Even the wreck fishing is fairly decent in January, catching a Big Cubera snapper on our normal ship wreck(in the picture below). This is the second Large Snapper we have caught in 3 months of wreck fishing. One of the toughest fish in the ocean, and also put up a hell of a fight.

While swordfishing has been on fire, this is the best year of Swordfishing in  the past 8 seasons. Day or Night have both been productive, catching one of these Gladiators  of the seas is not out of the question. On the 10 Hour Sword Fishing excursion  that we did, we did in January, we caught multiple fish.


I would recommend the daytime for the best experience. We prefer to use two electric reels during the day.



We also carry a few manual assist reels if you want to crank one in yourself. Consider yourself warned, reeling in a swordfish in 1800’ can be straining . When sword fishing is slow during the day, stoping for grocery’s on the way In is a must. A few drops in 800’ of water can land you some tasty Black Belly Rose Fish.

Which are a deep water fish that are easy to catch, and also great for the dinner table. Bringing in the new year with good fishing is always a good sign for the year to come. Make sure to check out our custom trips to find which trip best suits you and your group.



I hope you guys enjoyed my post,

Captain Mike

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