January 2018


Winter Fishing in South Florida

For Good Hit Sportfishing Sailfish is the name of the game for January.  Cold fronts coming from the North  usually push large number of Atlantic Sailfish our way. Looking for North Swell, North wind and North current, Sailfish heaven.  This combination normally  produces bigger seas, but great Fishing. Our tactics  of Fishing for this time of year is Kite Fishing,  our bait of choice  is Thread-fin Herring.

Above is a picture of our baits ready to go!

Having good bait is half the battle, we go far distances on our off days to catch these beauties. These baits are scale baits, a very fragile baitfish the has to be handled with care. Taking good care of the baitfish is  tedious work, but will pays off in the long run.


For instance on January 14th, we had an afternoon charter that wanted to target Sailfish. We had 2 dozen Herring and headed out at 1:00pm looking for Sailfish Action. With plenty of good bait and all of our gear  in tip top shape. We hit the nail on the head, going 5/6 on sailfish in 2 hours of fishing directly off of Fort Lauderdale.

The charter was totally spent after the 2 hours of action and begged for mercy. We headed to the dock with smiles all around and a short ride to the dock. Goes to show that being prepared for anything will pay off.

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