January 19, 2017

Aboard our vessel today was a husband and wife team  Julie and Cole, from Tampa, Florida. This was the couple’s first deep sea fishing before and I wanted to give them a “maiden voyage” to remember. My favorite trips with the first timers, you only catch your first Saltwater fish once, and I enjoy my part in it.

As we headed out at noon in search of an afternoon bite, we  listened to the radio and heard repeated complains about the slow fishing. Undaunted, we decided to make a run to the North to get away from the slow bite teports. Luckily, the Good Hit is a quick vessel, so we knew Today was going to be a Happy Day Today. We approached North Fort Lauderdale, Looking for a hot trolling bite. We did not deploy the lines until reaching our final destination. We launched our long planner and set it into position, before I could ready my short planner, we were Hooked Up! We were quickly boating our first King Mackerel of the taking pictures.

This was the biggest fish today’s guests had ever caught and there was an excited enthusiasm about this recent catch. We quickly deployed the lines once again before I noticed the new Sonar picture that showed me a large school of King Mackerel. I believe our Simrad makes the best Sonar on the market – I use my Simrad NSE12 on a daily basis and it never lets me down.

We Trolled the area for an hour or two, working the school of Mackerel with a few bites, but no Hook Ups, and it appeared like the school had turned off the area. So we continued our search heading North for more untouched fish in the area, King Mackerel can be very finicky with heavy fishing pressure. The sonar would mark the schools with no reaction bite, as the fish have seen this game before. We normally would head toward another school, but we were only getting a few other bites But from out of the blue, we headed into a shallow shipwreck with the planners to try for a planner reaction bite. We were again at my secret North Spot, and what to we get on the planner but a Mutton Snapper on the short planner – a real treat for a planner fisherman.

Looks Like Cole and Julie are Eating Good Tonight!!
Another Fun Trip aboard the Good Hit !!!
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