January 13th 2017 
On this Day we had Shane, Ricky, and Robby aboard the Good Hit. Our group today was from Tennessee and had never caught a Bill Fish between the three. We Left the Dock around 8:30 am, and departed from Bahi Mar Marina. We knew we needed to catch a Sailfish or something large to impress our group. They have fished the gulf waters on many occasions and have listed many fish they have caught in the past. So knocking a fish off the list was what we had in mind. The waters were rough on this day,  with little to no current, which was pretty poor conditions in my eyes. We readied the kites and kite gear for our attempt at catching a Sailfish, hoping that our day would be a happy day today. 
We aimed the bow at the the furthest North ship, directly out of Port Everglades. Believing that if we had little to no current that a nice resident Sailfish might just be living there. We were fishing a full spread of Live Threadfin Herring,  we caught these beauty’s the day before. After deploying the spread, it  only took about 35 minutes until we were Hooked Up. We hooked the fish at 9:30 am, the fish stayed down for the first portion of the fight, then quickly Out of the Blue, she started to tail walk. After a quick 15 minute fight we took a few photos and released the Sailfish to fight another day. Our group was not feeling that hot because of the long night before. So we all agreed to head back to the dock after our bucket list Fish. 

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