February 25th 2017



On this Flat Calm beautiful saturday, we had Sammy and her 5 friends aboard the Good Hit. On this day the weather was pretty warm for Feburary and slick calm, unusual weather for winter time in Fort Lauderdale. We left the inlet about 8:35am, Sammy booked a morning half with a few friends, and had never deepsea fished before. We started trolling in the morning, unable to kite fish due to our conditions with no wind and no current. Sammy was not interested in catching a billfish or kingfish, she wanted a shark, but so does most beginners. Knowing the time of year was wrong for sharks, we trolled most of the trip, saving a short amount of time in the end to try for Big Game Shark Fishing. We caught a few king mackerels along the trip, but nothing to brag about. “At least we had enough to eat”, Sammys groups told me, in attempts to fulfill dreams, I decided to drop a bottom rod with a large king mackerel on a 80 wide. Knowing a bite was few and far between. We also dropped a chicken rig for Tile Fish, something to keep everyone busy while we wait and a possibility to catch a few extra fish. As we dropped down the chicken rig, we recieved bites immediately with the first fish coming up a Blue Linned Tile Fish. Before we could make our second drop, Out of the Blue the big rod doubles over! We were we hooked up on some sort of Shark. It took everyone a few turn on the reel to get this beast to the surface. With everyone being beginners, everyone wanted an oppurntinity to get in on the action.

Angry Hammerhead


After 30 mins. Into the fight, it was time to head back to the dock and the group was slowely being drained. The beast shows itself,  about a 9′ Scalloped Hammerhead. We snapped a few pictures then headed back to the dock. Another Fun trip with Happy Customers aboard The Good Hit.


A picture of the fish as it try’s to sound towards the bottom.


Here is a few photos of the Fish.




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