December 5th 2106
Today we had Joakim and his 2 boys aboard the Good Hit, this family was visiting from Sweden. Joakim had one fish on the mind and one fish only, the elusive Alantic Sailfish. We had high hopes the morning of the 5th, we also has fresh Treadfin Herring as well. Knowing that having good bait is half the battle, we left Bahia Mar Marina around 8:15 am with pure confidence. Not wasting anytime, we blasted out of Port Everglades in search of a Sailfish. We radioed the other local charter boats to find out where the bite was, little to no Sailfish reports the morning of the 5th. We approached 140′ of water and noticed a light blend of blue to green water also know as a, “Edge”. Sailfish tend to ride down edges in search of baitfish and small prey. As we headed North towards Hillsboro Inlet, the edge became more defined, finally something to fish to. At 9:00 am we quickly deployed the kites and live bait, fishing 6 kite baits and 2 flat lines. Funny story is  that morning we forgot our 6th kite reel, so we decided to incorporate a light spinning reel into the kite spread. We added it to the closest line to the boat, the left short. We suddenly  see 3 sailfish pop up under our left kite. We immediately hook 2 of the 3 sailfish, then one of the two fish jumped off. I bet you can guess which fish stuck on the hook, its a pretty obvious answer. So here is our situation, we have a 90″ Sailfish hooked up to a 7500 Penn spinning reel on 15 lb test line. We are in for a battle.

These are the pictures of the fish jumping quickly after the hook settles in.

After hooking the large Sailfish, we  had to reel in the rest of the kite spread immediately. The fish was heading at a East Southeast direction, and we were loosing line quickly. 


Joakim got what he asked for, he got the light tackle battle of his life. We finally wore the sailfish down, after what felt like eternity. We finally got the fish boat side for measurements and pictures, then quickly removed the hook. Joakim big fan of catch and release, so he was happy to see the Sailfish  swim away. After a few high fives and some water, Joakim was finished and wanted to head to shore.

Another Sucessful trip aboard the Good Hit

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