December 21st 2106
Today we took a friend of ours Fishing for Fun, we had our Canadian friend AJ on the boat. AJ wanted to beat the crowd out fishing and has fished with the Good Hit in the past, so we decided to head out at 7:00am instead of 8:00am to beat the crowd. We left the dock at 6:50 am while the sun was still down, heading out the inlet at 7:15 being the first boat to the fishing spot. Wanting steady action, we decided to put the trolling gear out with a couple of planner boards out with a few surface lines. We started fishing in 75′ feet of water with the sun barely cracking the horizon, with low light visablity we received our first bite at 7:25 am, this bite stripped my top shot of  line right off the bat. Knowing we had a good fish , I slowely did a Full Circle back toward the body of fish. Before even boating our first fish, we received a second bite that stripped line as well, we were in the fish. Usually Fort Lauderdale kingfish bite only lasts an hour or less, so me and AJ worked quickly to keep the hooks baited. We worked quickly to catch our fill, catching our biggest fish before 8:00am, the rest of the fleet then arrived to the fishing grounds. 

The bite slowely tapered off around 9:00am, with no bites at all around 9:30 am and decided to pull the plug at 10:00am. Making quick work of our fun trip, we were taking pictures by 10:30 am, i guess on this day the early bird gets the worm!!

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