December 18th 2016
               Today we had a great group aboard from Detroit, Michigan. We had dad and his 5 kids, fun trip right? This will be the first time for the five little ones in the ocean. I am ready for the challenge, today me and dad will have our hands full. We left Bahia Mar Marina around 8:30 with a bunch of first timers. I wanted to catch every kid a fish, so we were going to start off small. We began to circle a Buoy  in 100′ of water, looking for small bointos known as bullets. On our third pass our little guys were hooked up, one small fry to hold the rod, while the other turned the handle, good fun. Catching our fill of baitfish, we deployed the trolling gear in search of Mackerel and Kingfish. Then one of the small children was not excited about ocean fishing ; demanded that we took him to the dock to see mommy. Dad and I couldn’t argue, and took the boat back to the dock. On the way back towards the dock we hit,  hooked up with a big Cero Mackerel on the planner in shallow water. 

We boat the Mackerel  and accelerate  toward the dock. We made it to  Bahia Mar Marina around 10:00am, we gather the  kids first ever catches and snap a few photos. ?

Once we arrived, everyone cheered up and mom showed up to pick up the group. We realized dad still have 4 hours of fishing and the wind began to back off. So went went back out,  this time with planner boards and surface lines. After Passing through the inlet we deployed our 4 lines, the bite was on. We caught 1o Mahi Mahi on the troll,  with 3 being only  legal size. At times we had two fish on the line, with dad only being able to reel in one at a time. We also caught a King Mackerel and Blackfin Tuna . The majority of the fish started to bite in 70-95′ of water, this all happened as soon as the wind stopped. 

The afternoon bite

December 18th 2016

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