August 2017

August is one of the slower months for the Good Hit, we normally we enter the boat yard towards the middle of the month. Fishing the beginning of the month we caught the largest hammerhead. of the season on a shallow ship wreck on a King Mackerel tail. This fish was caught by amy a repeat customer who have charted the Good Hit Several times. Every time this group come aboard the Good Hit we manage to catch a large shark. This is just one of our lucky charters. The fish was over 10′ long and was a greater hammered, the largest of the hammerhead family.

Check Out the Video Here



This August, The good hit crew fished the White Marlin open and Mid Atlantic 500, based out of Ocean City and Cape May. Which was a change of pace, fishing for millions of dollars for one fish, the largest white Marlin of the Tournament. Knowing at any seconds your card could get pulled. We fished 1 week out of Ocean City, Maryland and 3 weeks out of Cape May, New Jersey.

Catching White Marlin, Short-fin Mako, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish. In OC we caught a qualifying 55lb Yellow fin Tuna.

It was cool to weigh a fish in a Tournament in front of 1,000s of people. To bad, it was just a few pounds shy of some big money. Two weeks later we fished The Mid Atlantic 500, our good friends on the Going In Deep caught a 670LB Blue Marlin and a 181 LB Yellow Fin Tuna, taking the entire Tuna Pot and the Marlin Pot.

On the last day our team was down and the gutter, we managed to hook a mystery fish on the longer rigger. This fish turned out to be a 53LB Wahoo, which won me and my team $53,000.00. Which was the biggest wahoo for Our Port in Cape May.



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