April 6th 2017

           Today we had Mark and his best friend aboard the Good Hit, Mark is from the west coast of Florida and heard about the recent bite. Today marked booked an All Day Charter, from 7:00am- 3:00pm. He wanted a few fish to eat, and a few game fish to fight. Like the previous days, we continue to kite fish, especially  with the abundances of bait that we have. So we set up the kites down towards Haulover Inlet , a little bit further than normal towards the South. We launched our normal spread with 6 kite baits and 2 flat lines, on this day we fished everything with wire leader, we heard of a few larger King Mackerel. Once we launched the baits we had some small talk with Mark, asking him a few questions about past fishing experiences and what de did for work. Then immediately Out of the Blue, the Long Flat Line gets picked up.


                    We thought we had another Atlantic Sailfish, but man we were wrong. The fish never jumped, but instead sounded straight for the bottom. The fish popped up on the starboard side of the boat, we noticed gold and black color down deep.The fish was a 25lb Blackfin tuna, sushi for everyone. Before we could celebrate, we saw a large explosion on the right short kite bait. We were Hooked Up Again!!


               This time it was a 25lb King Mackerel, which we quickly gaffed then deposited into the fish box. We then snapped a few photos and began readjusting the spread.


                     We loaded the spread up with 6 Thread Fin Herring and 2 Goggle Eyes. The best looking baits we had in the well, looking to land Mark his first Sailfish. An hour goes by with no bites, so we make a run to the South and look for cleaner water. Around 11:00am, we found a hunny hole in 175′ in water, with good current and lots of flying fish. We then knew we would receive the strike that we were looking for.

                              After 25 minutes in  our new spot we got picked up on the right kite, our right middle bait and our right short bait. I now knew that this was the bite we were waiting for. Hooking 2 out of the 2 sailfish, we  were now hooked up to double header. Both fish jumping right next to each other, putting on a show for the entire boat.

As both  fish began to approach the boat, our photographer/captain max readied his camera looking for an amazing shot. We landed two amazing shots of the tail walking spindle beaks.

Once and a lifetime Sailfish shot Photcred- Max Forgerty

We ended the trip on a good note and caught the targeted species, smiles all around. There is nothing better than completing someone’s trip with a bang. Thanks for joining us mark, and hope to see you soon!


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