April 4, 2017

On this trip our guest aboard the Good Hit was none other than Joey Ivie, a Florida resident and football player for the NFL. Joey was recently drafted to the Dallas Cowboys as a defensive tackle. But today was not about football, it was about Joey’s first deep sea fishing adventure and we were all hoping to get into a few fish. The fish had been biting since the middle of March, and we started our voyage in good spirits.

Kite fishing had recently become the name of the game, and the Good Hit had been made ready –  holding tons of live bait for our current charters. We were using Cigar Minnows, Threadfin Herring, and Goggle Eyes for enticing the fish to bite. When we were setting up the kites in 180 feet, directly off of Port Everglades, we did not see another single boat in view It seemed that no other charter had booked a trip for that afternoon and we had the ocean to ourselves. We set six kite baits and two flat lines, and with our entire spread, it was as if we were fishing a tournament.

We had just finished our preparation and hardly had time to admire our spread, when in an instant , the right short bait went off, giving us a good vibration for the trip and Joey’s debut deep sea excursion. Before we could even come tight on the first Sailfish, three other baits began to get nervous and run off line. Could we be looking at a Quad Hook Up? The action was electrifying –  with just a two man crew man and two anglers – we hooked all four of the fish. With our two anglers, we ended up landing two out of the four Sailfish.

Share a short clip of the live hook up:

We made sure we got a few great photos of the Sailfish in action!!



” The trip was wonderful. The two Captains were very polite and made us feel comfortable. Within four hours we pulled up five Sailfish. Two of them were seven footers. On the way you get to see beautiful homes and get a little taste of Ft Lauderdale. I would advise anyone who is trying to pull up fish on a 4 hour trip to go.”

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