January 30th 2107
Good Hit goes to World Resort Bimini Wahoo Tournament.

We are spending the Next 5 days in Bimini for the Wahoo Tournamnet aboard the Bookends with the Good Hit Crew, Captain Cody, Captain Mike, Captain Andrew and Louie. We left Fort Lauderdale around 7:00am out of Las Olas Marina, the bookended is a 53′ Hydra Sport with Quad 627s on the back, I guess you could say it is a quick boat. We left Port Everglades at 7:22 am and arrived in bimini at 8:30am, even with choppy sea conditions we managaed to push through. Here is a picture of the Bookends tied to  the dock on our initial arrival.

Upon Arrival, we quickly unloaded our bags and supply’s to our hotel room, with big intentions of heading back out for some prefishing. We wanted to prefish as much as possible, to be ready for the upcoming tournament. For this tournament we were high speed Wahoo trolling, dragging 80 wide reels, 2 with wire and 2 with braid and one mono. This puts all of our lures at different depths of the water column, some just on the surface and others 15-25 feet down.

After we untied the lines we quickly steered toward the wahoo grounds, 25 miles North of Bimini. On this Boat it does not take much time to get anywhere, so within 20 mins of driving we quickly deployed the Lines. After getting the 5 lures spread into the water, we bank our first turn inshore and before we could straighten out. Bam, we were hooked up on a double header Wahoo. The fish hit the 2 closest lures to the boat, which is always a good sight wahoo fishing. We quickly slid the two Wahoos into the boat and snapped a few photos.

These were the only two Wahoos we caught for a prefishing day. We called the trip shortly after that,  back towards home base. As the week went on, the fishing began to slow down. As the  Tournamnet approached some boats did  not catch any wahoos high speed fishing. So for a long story short we ended  up in Fourth  Place for the tournament, weighing only Four fish. Three on the first day and One fish on the second day, on the 3rd day we didn’t even get a bite. We were close to the leader board but not close enough. Here is a short video that sums up our Week of Wahoo Fishing.

Click this Link for our Video Good Hit in the Bahamas