December 27th 2016
On this trip we had Tedd and Jeff, not to mention a  few of their fishing buddies. We left the dock around 8:00 am with a fun crew. This was a serious easy going trip – what a happy day today. A South Florida local was in the group, an avid fisherman who wanted to learn a few extra tatics. While I rigged the lines, Tedd and Jeff watched my every move – the way I sharpened my hooks, also the way I  rigged my baits and the colors I preferred. They told me my local knowledge was impressive and asked many questions. Having great trolling success in the recent past, we went to the troll. Our group wanted to figure out how to fish off of South Florida with the most success rate, so we went with what had been biting. Trolling a Number 4 and 6 planner with  pink and green skirts, we had little to no action the first 2 hours of the trip. Fishing shallow and deep with no bites , we began to think outside the box. We tried diffent tatics on this slow day, fishing in deeper water than usual. We have a great bottom machine aboard the Good Hit, so the fish have a hard time hiding from us. We Prefer Simrad for Electronics, having a great bottom machine is crucial  for targeting pelagic fish. As we apporaoched deeper water, out of the blue we began to mark fish in 175′ of water.

King Mackerel Usually school in 75-150′ of water, so seeing them in deeper water was odd. As we passed the school in 175′ of water,  we recieved our first and second bite at the same time – Hooked Up! Catching our first and second fish we worked back towards the inlet because time was running thin, we gave the old #1 Buoy a shot.

In the mornings the entire fleet fishes the buoys for the first 25 minutes of fishing, at 11:00 am, we did not  have a boat in sight. On our first pass we received a large bite on the short planner, which quickly took the Top Shot of Line off the reel. quickly running out of time. We finally found the fish and had them all to ourselfs, we only had 30 minutes left and caught 3 bigger sized kingfish in a hurry.

We quickly reeled in the lines having a afternoon trip directly behind our morning charter.

“Mike,showed me some tips, to improve my fishing, very friendly, lots of experience, knows the waters very well, we caught 5 fish, had a great time, would highly recommend”


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